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About Us


The Centre is widely sought after for conducting training programs on gender issues. It has been involved in gender-sensitization workshops for diverse clientele. It is also recognized as a Centre for conducting Refresher Courses for Academic staff under the UGC scheme for faculty development. It has conducted sponsored programs for capacity building of staff working in the NGO sector on gender as well as women administrators. All training programs of the Centre involve participatory and inclusive methodologies. It regularly conducts programs on feminist research methodologies and doing gendered research. It liaises with the Centre for Life Long Learning to conduct training programs in participatory pedagogies, group methods, and personal development workshops for adult learners.

Networking and Partnership

The Centre for Women’s Studies has been at the core of National and International networking. Faculty members at the Centre are regularly on the advisory boards of research studies at different Centers and Universities as well as on NGO committees. We are also involved in organizing regional and multi-centric seminars in partnership with academic and community based institutions. Two faculty members from the Centre have been office bearers of IAWS.

Gender sensitization seminars, talks on specific themes for various kinds of groups such as students, general public, government officials, and community based groups and special interest groups have made for visibility of the Centre in academic and non-academic audiences.

Study Abroad programs have been anchored at the Centre in partnership with Wells College, USA. The Centre has recently successfully collaborated with four UK Universities namely, University of York, University of Warwick, London Metropolitan University, and University of Bristol and worked to promote and strengthen cross-cultural teaching, research and extension in the area of Women’s issues and gender studies. A range of such activities not only provide an opportunity for exchange of ideas and perspectives but also help in networking and building new alliances.