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Research has always been an integral part of the activities of the Centre for Women’s Studies. The Centre has been involved in a range of formative research that informs policy advocacy, pilot studies to help design large studies on Women’s issues, quantitative and qualitative studies to intervene in existing gender and development discourses, as well as review of current research in order to identify gaps in existing knowledge conceptually and methodologically. The Centre has undertaken some pioneering researches on a range of issues such as that of environment, women’s participation in paid work, issues of food security, sexuality, health and violence against women, laws and legal enforcement on women’s issues, and gender and development. Research has been sponsored by National and International agencies such as the Ministry of Human Resources Development, Indian Council for Social Sciences Research, Govt. of Maharashtra, Maharashtra State Commission for Women, CEHAT, Lawyers Collective, The Ford Foundation, USAID, DFID (UK), British Council, WHO, ILO, ICRW etc.


Some important research programs undertaken by the Centre in the recent past are as follows:

  • Horticulture under EGS and Women SHGs: Synergic efforts to ensure livelihood security through asset building
  • Outcome Budgeting For Maharashtra: a public verification exercise of Drinking Water and Sanitation Dept
  • Mainstreaming Rights of Deserted Women with special reference to Sangli District
  • ‘Widow’s Woes’ with a focus on the wives of farmers in the Vidarbha region; Micro-credit programs and women’s empowerment
  • Gender Audit of Mumbai City
  • Marital Rape: An exploratory study of Sexual Violence in Marriage
  • The Sexual Violence Research Initiative: A study with victims and survivors of sexual assault
  • Crossing Borders Project – SaciWATERs - ‘Strengthening Gender and Equity’
  • Assessing the Coverage and Effectiveness of National Efforts to Provide Quality Maternity Protection for All
  • Urban Aspirations in Global Cities; Integrating Gender Sensitivity in TB Programs in India: Building International Partnerships and Models for Equitable Access
  • DelPHE project ‘Teaching and Researching Women’s Issues to Promote Women’s Equality and Empowerment’
  • Political Representation of Women in Liberal Democracies
  • Indian Women Domestic Workers in UAE: Dealing with Legality and Illicitness
  • Power and Powerlessness: Two Sides of the Same Coin for Women Academic Mothers: A Study of Women Academics in South Africa, India and Brazil.


Women’s Studies Library

The Women’s Studies Library is a specialized library and documentation Centre maintained through the Special Assistance program of Women’s Studies Centers of the UGC. The library has an impressive collection of about 4000 books and monographs on a wide range of feminist themes. The library is used extensively by the Institute faculty, staff and students and is open to visiting scholars, M. Phil and PhD researchers, journalists and others. Special efforts are made to collect and document materials on Indian and South Asian Women’s issues.