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Events and Program

Students contribute to a range of academic activities on the campus. ‘Kafila’, a Women’s Studies students’ festival, involves academic and cultural activities including lectures by distinguished speakers, invited feminist scholars, exhibitions, performances and screening of films; all conceptualized and organized enthusiastically by students themselves. The Center encourages student participation and representation in local events such as talks, protests, campaigns, conferences and marches on social issues.

Kafila 2009:

Women’s Studies students 2009-2011 batch initiated the first students’ festival with great enthusiasm. After intense brainstorming students came up with the name Kafila which means ‘a journey’. Kafila 2009 was a one day cultural event where several documentaries on gender and sexuality were screened, like Skin Deep’ and ‘When Four Friends Meet’. The screening was followed by discussions and debates that were enriching and insightful.

Kafila 2010:

Students of M.A. in Women's Studies organized a seminar-cum-festival titled, ‘Representational Realities and Gender Imagery’. The Keynote Address was delivered by Dr. K. Lalitha (feminist activist scholar, POW and Anweshi). Other distinguished external speakers were: Dr. Kalpana Kannibaran (Asmita Resource Centre for Women), Dr. Neelika Mehrotra (Jawaharlal Nehru University), Mr. Arvind Narrain (Human Rights activist from Alternative Law Forum, Bangalore), Dr. Abhinaya Kamble (K.J. Somaiya College, University of Mumbai), Dr. Brinda Bose (University of Delhi) and noted feminist film maker Ms. Paromita Vora. Mumbai-based organisations Point of View and Awaz-e-Niswan organised a special photo exhibition and dialogue with women survivors of domestic violence titled, ‘Reflections beyond the Lens’. Ms. Sanjukta Wagh and Ms. Neha John presented a dance drama titled ‘Let her be born’.

International Women’s day celebrations on Campus

International Women’s Day is one such event where students of the Women’s Studies program along with the students of Women Centered Social Work have contributed to campus sensitivity on gender issues. Students have organized several programs like exhibition of posters and charts on the issues of gender, sex and sexuality, reading and sharing of the literary works of women writers or work written by students themselves, organizing silent protests and candle light marches to draw attention to the issue of violence against women. This was followed by the screening of documentaries which attracted a large audience and was widely appreciated.