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Research Projects of Batch I Students

Research Projects of Master’s Degree/ Women’s Studies Students (Batch I)


BatchSr. No. Title of the Project Name of Student

Batch I


1. A Comparative Study of Men and Women Sugarcane Harvesters of Tuljapur Block, Maharashtra Ms. Ashwini Galande
2. A Feminist Analysis of Satyajit Ray and Ritwik Ghatak: A Take on Female Agency Ms. Sreenanti Banerjee
3. A Feminist Study of Masculinity and Love: Devdas, the Immortal Lover Mr. Rohan Sarma
4. Atrocities against Dalit Women: Case Studies from Beed District of Maharashtra Ms. Asha Kamble
5. Bar Dancing as a ‘Sexual’ Labour Performed by Women from ‘Traditional’ Dancing/Entertainment/Sex Work Communities Ms. Geeta S.
6. Educational Status of Pardhi Community Girls in Tuljapur Block of Osamanabad, Maharashtra Mr. Pankaj Waghmore
7. Medical Profession and Patriarchy: A Study of Women Surgeons Ms. Sangeeta Roy
8. Negotiating the Politics of Presence: A study of Elected Dalit women Representatives of PRIs in Maharashtra Ms. Jennifer Mujawar
9. Self Help Groups: A Case study in Maharashtra—Addressing Issues of Grassroots Building and Women’s Empowerment Ms. Pallavi Nayek
10. The Beauty Myth: A Study of Contemporary Media Definitions and Experiences of Young Women Ms. Parul Sethi
11. The Construction of Femininity and Sexuality through the Representation of Women in the Historical Sculptures: A Study of Group of Monuments at Pattadakal Ms. Shruti Tharayil
12. The Impact of Conflict on Afgan Women: A Study of Kabul City, Afganistan Mr. Muhammad Khalid
13. Women and Marriage Rituals: A Study among the Jat community in Sultanpur Dabas in Delhi Ms. Seema
14. Women Educational Status in Poumai Tribe (Laepounai Area) Mr. Philemon Shangne
15. Women in Prostitution: Exploring Notions of Sex as Work Ms. Aneesha Gambhir