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Research Projects of Batch III Students

Research Projects of Master’s Degree/ Women’s Studies Students (Batch III)


BatchSr. No. Title of the Project Name of Student
Batch III


(Tentative Topics)

1. Approaching Gender Binaries and the Constitution of Gender in Science/ Culture through the question of Sexual Ambiguity Ms. Asilata Karandikar
2. Infertility due to Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome Disorder in Indian Women Ms. Shefali Kishore
3. Gender Binaries: A study of Trans persons (Hijra and kothi Communities) Ms. Shruti Vaidya
4. Marriage Transactions in the Nagarathar Community in Tamil Nadu Ms. Sharanya Vairam
5. Occupational Sex Discrimination: Cooking and Hotel Industry Ms. Mallika Anand
6. Trance Possession in Women at Maharashtra: Comparison on male, female possession, rural – urban practices etc. Ms. Manasi Acharya
7. Purity, Pollution and the concept of Virginity: A feminist review of Bengali literature and films Ms. Tamogini Das
8. Violence perpetuated on the sex workers by the middlemen (pimps): A study of Kalighat, Kolkata Ms. Shreya Sen
9. Issue of Widowhood and Sexuality: A study of Widows in Vrundavan/ Varanasi Ms. Ashmita Sharma
10. Educational status and Women with disability in the State of Manipur Ms. Ashmita Sharma
11. Feminist Perspective of the Tulsidas Ramayana specifically focusing on the characters of Sita and Mandodri Ms. Rishika Gupta
12. Personal Laws: Looking at the position of women belonging to different religions in their respective personal laws Ms. Yamini
13. Problems faced by Urban, Slum Adolescent girls in education Ms. Pradnya Kamble
14. Women, Modernity and Call Centers: A study of Call Centers in Chennai/ Bangalore Mr. N. Boopathy
15. Status of Education among Muslim women in Bihar: A comparative study of literacy levels among Muslim women in different states Ms. Quaifa Andaleeb
16. Women in Jain religion: A study of female monks Ms. Anchal Jain
17. Gender and Power Structures: A study of Contemporary Dance forms Ms. Shraboni Das