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Student Research & Dissertation

A major consideration in providing a research project is its educational value. Research projects at the Master’s level offer students the opportunity to plan a study, prepare research tools, collect data in the field, analyze the data and write up the project under the guidance of a Faculty of the Institute. As part of the MA in Women’s Studies Program, an 8 credit component of Research with Dissertation has been included as an additional/ optional requirement for the students of the programme, over and above the course work. Students who do not wish to do the research project must do three optional courses in lieu of it, to be chosen from selected concurrently running courses across Schools in other MA programmes of the Institute. The semester distribution scheme is sliding with more course work in 1st year to make more time for research, dissertation writing in the 2nd year.

The first three batches of the MA in Women’s Studies program have undertook research projects on various subjects/ intersectional topics as follows