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by Shruti Tharayil (M. A. WS. – 1st Batch)

He said,

he loves me,

but then, he is scared,

scared of me flirting with others,

he will make you pregnant sweety,

your safety is what concerns me,

is what he says,

my safety?

why does it always translate to my body?

my sexuality?

he will touch you,

keep distance from him,

is this love? i ask....

i am sorry, i am possessive about you!

possessive about me?

or about my body?

is my body- a territory?

with his boundaries he is fighting for?

is is my body a property?

with his entitlements...

is my personal political?

why does it become personal,

when he talks about love?

when he says "you are mine"

i feel like he is labelling my body..

with his name on it

no sweetheart!! not anymore

is my body your property,

it is engraved,

with MY stories,

stories which I own,

now my personal is my political,

its time that i break this culture of silence......

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