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Course Structure

Under the present curriculum, students undergo intensive classroom and field learning components distributed across four semesters. They also pursue a Masters’ dissertation on diverse themes encompassing developmental issues, governance, arts, cultural and film studies, concerns around body and sexualities, through an engagement with feminist research methodologies. The Courses comprise of foundation courses in Social Science disciplines, basic courses on perspectives and methods and advanced concentration courses in varied fields of practice and thematic arenas.

Distribution of Credit Hours

Courses Credits
Foundation Courses 6
Women’s Studies (WS) Courses 44
Research Method Courses 4
Research Project with Dissertation (Optional) 8
Field Attachment 6
Total 68

All Courses and the Field Attachment are compulsory. However, in lieu of the Research Dissertation, students may select 3 optional courses from other concurrently running M. A. Programs across the Schools in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Semesters.

Semester-wise Listing of Courses

Semester Course No. Title of the Courses Credits
I FC 1 Understanding Society 2
FC 2 Introduction to Basic Economics 2
FC 2 Development Experience, State, Social Conflict and Change 2
WS 1 Women, History and Society: Feminist Theories and Perspectives 4
WS 2.1 Women’s Movement in India: Part – I 2
DS 3 Methods of Social Research 4
WS 3 Feminist Science Studies: An Introduction 2
WS 7 Working with Women: Understanding Interventions 2
II WS 12 Women, Development Practice and Politics 2
WS 4 Gender, Caste, Class, Religion and Tribe 4
WS 5 Feminist Research Methodology/Practices 2
WS 6 Women and Work: History of Transformation 2
WS 8 Women, Sexualities and Violence 2
WS 18 Women’s Rights and Legal Advocacy 2
WS 21 Field Attachment with Analytical Paper 8
III WS 9 Women’s Writings 2
WS 10 Gender Media and Culture 2
WS 11 Gender, Poverty and Livelihoods 2
WS 16 Women’s Bodies, Women’s Knowledges: Historical and Feminist Perspectives 2
WS 13 Gender, Health and Rights 2
WS 14 Engendering Governance 2
WS 14 Eco-Feminism, Environment and Sustainable Development 2
IV WS 15 Gender, Ideology and Education 2
WS 19 Gender and International Development 2
WS 20 Research Dissertation (Optional) 8
Total 68